Matthew VanLiere

Matthew VanLiere has a BA in Criminal Justice and 29 years of experience in law enforcement. He is also a certified recovery coach. Matt worked with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department in narcotics investigation (undercover work), bench warrant enforcement, general road patrol, and crisis negotiation. He was an honor guard member for his entire law […]

Matthew A. McClellan

Matthew McClellan graduated from Central Michigan University with a BS/BA, with a focus on Human Resources Management. He has been in the Human Resources field for 18+ years, working in various industries, learning different trends and best practices, and developing his leadership style. He has been able to work with a multitude of executive teams […]

Kelly J. Stone

Kelly Stone has a Master’s in Criminal Justice from Grand Valley State University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Western Michigan University. She has worked in behavioral health settings for 20 years in multiple capacities, including Director of Social Services and Executive Director of a nationwide residential and adolescent services agency. A top achievement […]

Gregory Moore

Gregory Moore is a healthcare attorney and consultant with a passion for serving the behavioral health provider community. During his career, Greg has represented and counseled healthcare organizations of all types and sizes, including firms and funds looking to invest in behavioral health; behavioral healthcare companies, facilities and networks; behavioral healthcare information networks; medical groups; […]

Monika Steffens, MSDA

Monika Steffens is an accountant and data scientist who pioneered Sanford’s real-time use of data, a tool that has transformed management’s decision-making process. Sanford emphasizes outcomes data, and Monika has led the effort to create, collect, and summarize these data points for use internally, and with referring providers and payors.  With an array of graphs […]

Katie Vokes

As Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Katie Vokes has applied her talents as an effective and compassionate leader to all aspects of Sanford Behavioral Health. Katie began her career in physical health, leading a national sales and operations team, delivering quality care and positive financial results. After establishing Sanford’s first outpatient center, Katie played […]

Alec Green

Alec Green has been a transformative leader at Sanford Behavioral Health, developing and working across all divisions of the company. Alec is an acknowledged expert in behavioral healthcare in Michigan, having focused on enhancing resources available to providers and facilities. At Sanford, Alec leads our contracting and credentialing teams and focuses on new programs and initiatives.   […]

Marilyn Spiller

Marilyn Spiller began her marketing career in New York as Vice President of Marketing for American Legal Systems, a division of Bowne & Co. Since then, as a world traveler, she has taken her marketing skills to San Francisco, London, The Bahamas, and Jacksonville, Florida where for ten years she owned and operated Spiller Vincenty […]