Sanford Behavioral Health’s mission is to promote mental health, resilience, and well-being. Our goal is to provide practical and accessible substance use disorder, eating disorder, and mental health treatment to our patients. We focus on reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use disorders by supporting and educating individuals in recovery, their families, and communities.

At Sanford Behavioral Health, we understand that every patient's journey to recovery is unique. We strive to empower our patients to actively participate in their treatment while supporting them every step of the way.

Treatments and Services

We offer comprehensive treatment for patients with substance use, eating disorders, and mental health conditions. We develop an individualized plan for each person that starts with the least restrictive level of care and progresses as needed. Our treatments and services include:

  • Detox
  • Residential Treatment
  • Day Programs (PHP)
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Eating Disorders
  • Supportive Housing
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Outpatient Psychiatry
  • Group, Individual and Family Therapy
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Family Education and Alumni Support
  • Long-Term Support for Patients and Families
  • Community Education and Advocacy

Accessible Treatment Personalized for You

Professional and individualized care for substance use, eating disorders, and co-occurring disorders is just a click away. Our team at Sanford Behavioral Health is available to talk to right now. If you are ready to begin treatment, in-person and virtual options are available.

About Sanford Behavioral Health

Rae and David Green established Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers in 2015 with a ten-bed women’s facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their mission was to elevate the effectiveness and availability of treatment for individuals diagnosed with substance use disorders (SUDs).

Today, Sanford Behavioral Health is licensed and accredited as a substance use disorder, eating disorder, and co-occurring mental health treatment facility that serves Greater Grand Rapids, all of Michigan and beyond. Sanford Behavioral Health is led by a growing team of psychiatrist-led medical, clinical, and support personnel that offer medication-assisted and evidence-based treatments to our residential, outpatient, and telehealth patients.

Midwestern Values

Since we opened our doors, the demand for higher-quality substance use, eating disorders, and mental health treatments in Michigan has only increased. As part of our efforts to provide a better service to the community, we have expanded our campus and treatment options. Community matters to us, and our location in the Midwest is central to our core values and shapes how we approach treatment.

We instill a strong work ethic that serves when the “going gets tough.” Our expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are born from our deep-rooted work ethic, moral code, and desire to help others. After all, modest integrity and lending hands are hallmarks of both midwestern values and successful recovery.

Integrative Treatment Programs

Our goal is to improve the overall health of the residents in our state by embracing recovery-oriented systems of care. Our integrative programs offer patients the following:

  • Education
  • Prevention Tools
  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Full Continuum of Treatment
  • Management of the Condition
  • Long-Term Recovery Support

We take a comprehensive approach to treatment, focusing on the individual and providing safe, clinical care tailored to each person. In addition, we use outdoor excursions, creative expression, and other activity-based modalities to help restore physical and psychological well-being through our Real Life Recovery programs.

Our Certifications

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Empowering Our Patients

Our evidence-based treatment programs are just the beginning of a life in recovery. We want to inspire you to find your inner grit, enhance relationships, rekindle your interests, and engage your passion. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and our goal is to prepare you for the long haul.

As a patient at Sanford Behavioral Health in Marne, Michigan (just 12 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids), you will have access to the latest advancements in addiction treatment, including medication-assisted therapy and dual diagnosis support. But more importantly, you will have a team of dedicated professionals who genuinely care about your success and well-being. We pride ourselves on fostering a safe and supportive environment where individuals can begin their healing process, recover, and ultimately thrive in life.

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