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Natalie Frelix, MSN, RN

Director of Nursing

Natalie Frelix has a Master of Science in Nursing – Forensic Nursing from Oakland University. She has worked in healthcare for the last 22 years, starting as a Medical Assistant and then as a Registered Nurse. Natalie’s most recent work history (which led her to Sanford Behavioral Health) was at Butterworth Emergency Department, followed by her role as Director of Nursing (DON/HSA) at Kent County Correctional Facility and then as hospital supervisor at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services. She received her forensic nursing degree because she enjoys working alongside underserved populations, including those who are unhoused, in mental health crises, and with substance use issues. Being trauma-certified in adult and pediatric care helped her to identify emergent situations while staying calm and treating the patient during conditions such as overdoses, sepsis due to infection, alcohol withdrawal seizures, and many other urgent/emergent situations.

At Sanford Behavioral Health, Natalie is the Director of Nursing. She oversees the nurses, medical assistants, and technical support staff. She enjoys supporting and helping improve the care provided to patients and the staff. Natalie says participating in staff growth and advancing career paths is exciting and rewarding. She says it is equally rewarding to watch patients improve their mental, physical, and emotional health.

In her free time, Natalie enjoys working out, traveling, trying new foods and new activities, but most importantly, being a basketball, swimming, karate, and football mom to my two children.

Natalie says, “Once I began working at Sanford, I saw the quote “See a need, meet a need” pop up in different places. This quote really stood out to me once I started to think about it. As I reflected on my career path, I realized for the last several years, I’ve been taking care of the same population and, at times, the same patients, just in different environments. My time in emergency medicine, corrections, and the psychiatric hospital allowed me to see how many of the issues these individuals faced, and it allowed me to meet the patients where they were at any given moment. I’ve been able to adapt to the patient’s needs and contribute to their care safely and holistically.