8 Positive Affirmations for Eating Disorder Recovery

By Sanford Behavioral Health | May 22, 2024
a woman smiles while standing outside in the sun after she did her daily eating disorder affirmations

Eating disorder affirmations can be a powerful tool in the journey to recovery. These positive statements can help reframe negative thoughts and promote self-love and acceptance. Sanford Behavioral Health understands the importance of affirmations of eating disorders in your everyday routine. Our patients in our eating disorder treatment in Michigan learn how to incorporate affirmations […]

Isolation and Addiction: 3 Big Reasons Folks with SUDs Isolate

By Sanford Behavioral Health | May 17, 2024
a person stands on a rock near water during sunset and thinks about the connection between loneliness and addiction

The increasing issue of feeling lonely despite numerous ways to stay connected to society can often lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as turning to alcohol to alleviate loneliness. This doesn’t just worsen the issue but also increases the risk of addiction. Loneliness is a complex emotion that can lead to a variety of negative consequences. […]

Is Suboxone Buprenorphine?

By Sanford Behavioral Health | May 15, 2024
a patient and her therapist sit on a couch as the patient asks is suboxone buprenorphine and the doctor takes notes and answers her question

The opioid crisis continues to be a significant public health challenge across the world, with a marked increase in opioid misuse and related overdoses over the past decades. In response, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) has emerged as a critical component in the fight against opioid addiction, offering a scientifically backed avenue for those seeking recovery. MAT […]

How to Help a Depressed Partner

By Sanford Behavioral Health | May 8, 2024
two women sit on a couch together and are discussing how to help a depressed partner

Are you wondering how to help a depressed partner? It can be challenging to know what to do when someone you love is struggling with depression. Depression is a serious mental health condition that affects millions of people around the world. Recognizing the signs of depression and how to support a depressed partner, you can […]

Is Anorexia a Mental Health Disorder?

By Sanford Behavioral Health | May 1, 2024
a woman and a therapist sit together on a couch and the woman patient asks is anorexia a mental health disorder

If you have asked, “Is anorexia a mental health disorder?” The answer is yes. Anorexia nervosa represents one of the most challenging mental health conditions. This condition is characterized by an obsessive fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image, leading to severe dietary restrictions and weight loss. Addressing the question of whether anorexia […]

What Are the Physical Signs of Not Eating Enough?

By Sanford Behavioral Health | April 17, 2024
woman with glasses and short hair sits on a couch and asks what are the physical signs of not eating enough when talking to a person sitting across from her

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in maintaining not only the physical well-being of an individual but also their mental and emotional health. Adequate intake of nutrients is essential for the body to function optimally, sustaining growth, repair, and overall vitality. A crucial question that can often emerge is, “What are the physical signs of not […]

How Are Lanugo and Anorexia Linked?

By Sanford Behavioral Health | April 10, 2024
a man sits on a couch and asks the medical professional about how lanugo and anorexia are linked

Anorexia nervosa, often referred to simply as anorexia, is a complex and potentially life-threatening eating disorder characterized by an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image, leading to severe food restriction and excessive weight loss. Among the many physical manifestations of this condition, the development of lanugo—fine, soft hair on the face […]

What Is Russell’s Sign?

By Sanford Behavioral Health | April 3, 2024
a woman with curly hair sits and talks to another woman in a chair and asks what is russells sign

What is Russell’s sign? Russell’s sign is associated with the eating disorder bulimia nervosa. This sign is named after Gerald Russell, a British psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who first identified it in 1979. Russell’s sign is characterized as having calluses or scars on the knuckles or back of the hands caused by self-induced vomiting. At Sanford […]

What Is EDNOS?

By Sanford Behavioral Health | March 27, 2024
woman wearing a dress looks at herself in a mirror and wonders what is ednos

Have you come across the term “EDNOS?” If you have, you might be wondering, “What is EDNOS?” EDNOS stands for an eating disorder not otherwise specified. It’s an umbrella term used to describe a range of disordered eating behaviors that do not fit into a specific diagnosis. These behaviors can still be serious and have […]

What Is Bigorexia?

By Sanford Behavioral Health | March 20, 2024
person is at a gym lifting weights and thinking about what is bigorexia

What is bigorexia? Bigorexia, also known as muscle dysmorphia, is a mental health condition characterized by an obsessive desire to have an extremely muscular physique. It is most commonly seen in men but can also occur in women. This condition can seriously affect an individual’s physical and emotional well-being. At Sanford Behavioral Health, we understand […]