Nutrition Education

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At Sanford Behavioral Health, nutrition education is essential for recovery for those struggling with eating disorders. Our nutrition program provides guidance and support services to help patients develop positive nutrition-related attitudes and behaviors.

We believe in helping our patients build a healthy relationship with food, allowing them to make informed nutrition choices that promote overall health. Nutrition education gives patients the necessary skills to make informed nutrition decisions.

Our nutrition educators provide up-to-date nutrition information and teach nutrition skills in a supportive and compassionate environment. Please learn more about our nutrition education at Sanford Behavioral Health by calling us at 616.202.3326. Together, we can help you on your journey to nutrition wellness.

How Can Nutrition Education Help with Eating Disorders?

Dealing with an eating disorder can be a challenging experience, affecting every aspect of your life. That's why nutrition education is vital in the process of recovery. Proper nutrition is essential in treating an eating disorder, and education can help individuals recognize the importance of and how to maintain health and wellness in eating disorder recovery

It can teach them to identify natural hunger cues and how to recognize them, as well as how to develop meal plans to support wellness and healing.

Our nutrition treatment specialists at Sanford Behavioral Health can provide valuable resources and support, helping individuals regain control of their lives. With proper guidance, patients can establish a positive relationship with food and overcome their struggles with an eating disorder.

Nutrition Education Is Essential to Overall Health

At Sanford Behavioral Health, we understand the importance of nutrition education for a healthy lifestyle. Knowing nutrition is the first step in developing healthy habits that will benefit not only physical health but mental health as well.

Nutrition education can help individuals:

  • Understand how nutrition affects overall well-being
  • Know what nutrition-related attitudes and behaviors are beneficial
  • Make mindful nutrition choices

Our team is devoted to providing a compassionate and supportive environment that motivates individuals with eating disorders toward nutrition wellness. We craft our nutrition education program to meet each individual's needs, offering critical insight into balanced eating habits and lifestyle changes.

Are You a Candidate for Nutrition Education?

Nutrition education may be the solution if you or a loved one is struggling with nutrition issues related to an eating disorder. Sanford Behavioral Health strives to provide nutrition counseling that meets individuals' and their families' needs.

Our nutrition educators offer evidence-based nutrition advice in a comfortable setting and can help patients understand how nutrition affects overall health. If you want more information about nutrition education at Sanford Behavioral Health, please call us at 616.202.3326.

Understanding Our Nutrition Education in Marne, Michigan

Our nutrition program includes nutrition counseling, nutrition education classes and activities, nutrition planning and guidance, nutrition assessment and evaluation, nutrition support for activities of daily living, nutrition monitoring, and feedback.

We strive to provide nutrition education in an accessible and comprehensive manner. Our nutrition educators are dedicated to helping individuals improve their relationship with food, learn nutrition skills, and make informed nutrition choices.

Our skilled team includes some of the brightest minds in behavioral health, including:

  • Psychiatrist-led interdisciplinary team
  • Internists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses
  • Psycho-therapists with specialized training in treating eating disorders
  • Registered dietitians and clinical nutrition specialists
  • Certified recreation therapists
  • Recovery support specialists

Our registered dieticians strongly embrace the Health at Every Size® (HAES®) philosophy, providing health-promoting habits to foster physical and emotional well-being.

Reach Out to Sanford Behavioral Health for Access to Nutrition Education in Michigan

Nutrition education is essential for recovery from eating disorders. Our nutrition program at Sanford Behavioral Health offers nutrition counseling, assessments, and guidance in a supportive environment to help individuals on their journey to nutrition wellness. Please feel free to contact us today at 616.202.3326 for more information about our nutrition education program.


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