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a therapist sits in a chair taking notes while sitting across from a male patient in his aftercare programChoosing recovery and attending a rehabilitation program is one of the bravest and most difficult choices that a person with a substance use disorder, mental health concerns, or an eating disorder can make. However, completing a mental health or addiction treatment program doesn’t mean that your recovery journey is over.

At Sanford Behavioral Health, we consider aftercare to be an integral part of the recovery process. If you’re looking for reputable, high-quality aftercare programs, look no further than ours. Contact Sanford Behavioral Health at 616.202.3326 for more information.

What Is an Aftercare Program?

Aftercare programs are also known as continuing care programs. One of the most important parts of rehabilitation is structure. An aftercare program involves structured care that allows former patients to continue to learn and grow even after completing their rehabilitation program.

An aftercare program often includes follow-up procedures and check-ups, but that’s not enough for comprehensive aftercare.

A reputable aftercare program includes strategically planned services that help people recovering from substance use disorders, eating disorders, and other mental health concerns find ways to adapt to their everyday lives. Aftercare programs include guidance, relapse prevention support, and help with developing new skills.

The goals of aftercare are typically specific to each patient. All patients differ when it comes to their individual challenges, psychological requirements, social capacities, and the general resources available to them. We strongly believe that aftercare programs should be individualized.

Aftercare program staff typically consists of experienced counselors, peer counselors who have gone through addiction and recovery themselves, and sometimes community volunteers.

Benefits of Aftercare Programs

The benefits of aftercare programs are extensive. Not only do they help former rehabilitation patients maintain their efforts at staying sober and healthy, but they also help people with mental health conditions of many kinds continue progressing in their recovery. Staff at an aftercare program can help you by:

  • Reviewing and consolidating your treatment goals
  • Guiding you to begin new family or work responsibilities (or resume them)
  • Teaching you how to address the desire to relapse
  • Creating a new social network full of non-drug-using peers and healthy intimacy

Your aftercare program should strengthen and continue the improvements you made during rehabilitation. You should have clear guidelines for identifying your triggers, tracking your craving urges, and anticipating circumstances that may lead to relapse.

Ideally, you’ll have an aftercare plan in place before you are discharged from your treatment center. This plan should make clear who is responsible for providing your aftercare, along with the location, time, and frequency of your aftercare treatment.

Whole Person Recovery

The ultimate goal of aftercare programs is known as Whole Person Recovery. All of the above benefits of an aftercare program—maintaining treatment gains and goals, keeping track of your cravings, returning to your daily responsibilities, and establishing a healthier social network—are lifestyle changes that will allow you to return to yourself gradually.

Your whole self is a self in joyful recovery from substance use disorder, disordered eating, and other mental health concerns.

Choose Sanford Behavioral Health for an Aftercare Program in Marne, Michigan

It’s one thing to begin a healthier life abstaining from substances, managing your mental health, or managing your eating disorder. It’s another entirely to maintain your healthier habits and addiction-free lifestyle indefinitely without the constant support of medical and clinical professionals.

If you’re looking for an aftercare program in Marne, Michigan, Sanford Behavioral Health is your very best bet. Our dedicated team of medical and clinical professionals will help you create an aftercare strategy and program that will allow you to maintain your treatment improvements and goals long after rehabilitation. Contact Sanford Behavioral Health at 616.202.3326 today.

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