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Why Do I Need a Recovery Tool Kit?

  At the start of my recovery, years of people pleasing had dulled down who I really was. I developed an ability to respond to any situation in the way I thought I should rather than the way I actually felt. On top of that, years of drinking dulled the pain of living a life […]

Childhood Experience and Addiction – Hole in the Soul

Childhood Experience and Addiction – Hole in the Soul I grew up in a family where my dad died when I was only 6 months old. My mum re-married and because of that, my brothers and I had a different surname than she and my stepdad. We wanted to keep our father’s name. All this […]

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Sober Challenges – My COVID-19 Move & Job Change

The last 3 years of sobriety have thrown many challenges at me, but 2020 threw the biggest ones yet. At the start of this year I was unhappy in my job. It was causing me stress and reigniting some of my depressive behaviours. I talked to the bosses within my company, and managed to get […]

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Newcomers to Recovery – Building on the Basics

  I love the phrase that says, “The newcomer is the most important person in the room.” And as I get further into my recovery journey, I recognize how true this is. In my early days, I was not really helping anyone else in recovery. I was too busy helping myself. Now however, the newcomers […]


Extenuating Circumstances in Recovery – COVID-19 UK

I don’t know about you, but my mind is very easily led to catastrophe. And in light of the current extenuating circumstances and COVID-19, it all feels a little like an episode of “The Walking Dead”. Reality does remind me that this pandemic is not going to wipe out society as we know it. (Although […]

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The Motivation of Rock Bottom in Recovery

Rock bottom is a phrase that I have heard a lot since finding sobriety. And I realize that the term “rock bottom” is subjective. I originally thought rock bottom was an event that would define a singular course of action for me to recover from my addiction. In fact, my first rock bottom happened on […]

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Dogs & Addiction Recovery – Sobriety’s Best Friend?

In the early days of my recovery journey, staying sober was my primary focus and it kept me busy. I had no time for a dog. In order to beat the cravings, I had to fill my time with all sorts of activities. There were meetings and talking with others in recovery to help me […]


Sober Dating? How on Earth Do I Master Relationships?

Life as a single sober person can be difficult.  And sober dating? Fellowship meetings are not social clubs, and I tend to focus on recovery and helping others while there. So it’s difficult to meet someone (although it does happen). I am also acutely aware that many of my fellows share stories of partners who […]


My Drinking Dreams – They’re a Nightmare!

I get so much out of living my life sober. And I am really working towards happiness and fulfillment. I feel like I am on the precipice of something or someone. But I haven’t quite worked out what or who. I suspect this is my spiritual awakening to a new life. And this time it […]


I Knew I Was an Alcoholic Long Before I Quit Drinking….

I knew I was an alcoholic long before I finally put the alcohol down.  I knew this because I became emotionally dependent and would use a drink to satisfy everything.  Coming home from work I would slam the bottle of wine on the counter and tell myself that I deserved a drink.  Whether I had […]