Sub-Acute Detox Treatment

Medically monitored, safe and comfortable detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol.

As part of our full continuum of care, Sanford Behavioral Health provides medical detox treatment for our patients. This includes medically monitored detox for acute withdrawal, as well as withdrawal management, and outpatient support for post-acute withdrawal symptoms. Our Detox Treatment Center is located 12 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids, at the Sanford West Behavioral Health Campus.

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What is Detoxification?

You may think of “detox” as a diet, tea cleanse or health boost. But medical detoxification (detox) is the process of safely ridding the body of alcohol and/or drugs and managing the resultant withdrawal symptoms. During the detox process, a patient may experience mental and physical symptoms such as body discomfort (sometimes extreme), nausea, or anxiety. Some detox symptoms can be life threatening. Every individual experiences detox differently, and we assess every patient to determine whether medically monitored detoxification is appropriate or if a patient can safely detox during residential or outpatient treatment.

Detox Assessment

Admission to detox treatment is based on an assessment of a person’s needs, preferences and their likelihood to benefit from medically monitored detox. We provide a medical evaluation within 24 hours of admission which includes a physical examination, orders for appropriate service, face-to-face consultation, and a risk assessment with a personal safety plan. We also complete a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment as soon as we admit a patient into an appropriate program.

Soothing colors and comfortable beds
Soothing colors and comfortable beds

Detox Treatment

In this level of care, safe detox is the primary goal. However, we also provide individual and group therapy during detox. The medically monitored programs assist individuals experiencing the physiological and psychological effects of acute withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs. Those who meet the criteria for this level of care are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Consequently, they need 24-hour nursing care and regular physician visits.

Patients at this level are unlikely to complete withdrawal without medical monitoring. They may also be experiencing co-occurring psychiatric or medical conditions which may put them at risk for a complicated withdrawal process. Sanford has qualified healthcare providers who can help manage these co-occurring conditions while allowing an individual to safely detox from drugs and alcohol.

Detox treatment provides a medically safe and secure setting 24/7. This includes nursing, professional care, and support services. Detox treatment also prepares and motivates our patients to continue treatment after discharge. In fact, they begin addiction treatment while in detox. Think of it like this – detox addresses the physical aspect of addiction; treatment addresses the emotional pain that underlies substance use. Detox and treatment go hand-in-hand.

At Sanford, we want to see our patients succeed and create a better life for themselves in recovery. Our detox team helps patients decrease cravings for addictive substances, while also trying to understand how symptoms may tempt them back to an increased use. Our clinical and medical team ensures that our patients have a safe and comfortable withdrawal from drugs/alcohol. It’s a rigorous experience, but well worth achieving.

Gilbert Masterson, M.D. Chief Medical Officer Sanford Behavioral Health

Environment - Why Sanford Detox Center?

The Detox Team

The Detox Treatment Center is staffed by Sanford’s Chief Medical Officer, Chief Clinical Officer, Chief Operations Officer, registered and/or licensed practical nurses, medical assistants, licensed physicians, clinicians, dietitians, and case managers. Sanford Chief Medical Officer, Gilbert Masterson, M.D., oversees all medical interventions at the Detox Center and he provides an important segue for patients moving from detox to other levels of care within the continuum.

Restorative Surroundings

Sanford West provides a beautiful space in which to heal. Our restored mid-century modern facility has restful colors, original artwork, and comfortable furniture. The shared spaces encourage community when wanted and tranquil solitude when needed. In short, the detoxification program provides a safe, secure setting that is conducive to withdrawal management, personal privacy, and security of personal belongings. Sanford Detox Center is the ideal environment for:

  • Therapeutic and educational activities
  • Cultural and/or spiritual activities
  • Delicious meals and sociable mealtimes
  • Quiet pursuits such as reading, knitting, and journaling
  • Safe sleeping and hygiene accommodations (based on gender, age, and needs)
  • A fresh start in recovery.

Detox Treatment Programs

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Sub-acute Detox

Sanford Behavioral Health provides medical detoxification at its Detox Treatment Center in Marne, Michigan, just 12 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. In this level of care, safe detoxification is the primary goal while also providing individual and group therapy. The medically monitored programs assist those who are experiencing physiological and psychological effects of acute withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs. Those who meet the criteria for this level of care are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Consequently, they need 24-hour nursing care and regular physician visits.

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Residential Detox

Withdrawal Management in residential addiction treatment focuses on non-medical detoxification, management of post-acute withdrawal symptoms, and empowering individuals to succeed in recovery. This level of treatment is appropriate for those with no medical or neurological symptoms that require 24/7 medical monitoring. Trained paraprofessionals, supported by Sanford nursing and clinical staff, are the primary providers. Withdrawal management in a residential setting is available for intoxicated individuals and patients withdrawing from alcohol and other substances who are not at the acute stage of withdrawal.

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Outpatient Detox

Outpatient detox or ambulatory withdrawal management is provided through Sanford Outpatient Center under the direction of a licensed physician. Outpatient detox is for patients who are either intoxicated or withdrawing from alcohol or other substances without acute withdrawal symptoms or the need for residential treatment. Outpatient monitoring occurs hand-in-hand with outpatient therapy and Sanford’s Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). We assess all patients to determine that they are currently experiencing no apparent medical or neurological symptoms because of their substance use that would require a higher level of care.

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How Much Does Detox Treatment Cost?

The cost of detox is an expense most individuals have never planned or budgeted for, and there are many contributing factors. The question of treatment cost does not have a simple answer: insurance coverage, financial circumstances, and treatment programs are different for each person. Sanford works with most insurance companies to utilize the best possible coverage and benefits. 844.776.9651

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Detox Treatment Resources

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