Long-Term Support with Alumni and Family Programs

a curly haired woman touches the shoulder of a fellow group member while learning more about long-term support with alumni and family programsRecovery from addiction is a life-long journey. Just like any journey, there will be moments of great triumph, but there will also be moments of trials and temptations. Many people struggle to stay on this road alone. Fortunately, with the help of long-term support from alumni and family programs, no one has to fight this battle in isolation. At Sanford Behavioral Health, our treatment team is here for our patients, allowing them to grow and thrive, but also providing support when necessary.

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The Importance of Long-Term Support with Alumni and Family Programs

While an addiction treatment program may only last for a few months at most, the prospect of trying to live the rest of your life without using drugs and alcohol can feel overwhelming. It may be challenging to figure out how to get through the next few days, never mind the months and years to come. Long-term support can help you take each day one step at a time, allowing you to address the next big problem rather than trying to figure out how to do the whole thing at once.

Our alumni and family programs are designed to provide long-term support for those recovering from substance use disorders and mental health concerns. It allows those in recovery and their loved ones to gain insight into their condition, build healthy coping skills, and engage in a variety of activities.

The benefits of long-term support with alumni and family programs can differ, depending on whether you’re someone in recovery or a loved one.

Alumni Support

Alumni programs sound intimidating, but they can be a great deal of fun. They allow for collaboration and support for those in our recovery community. It also offers a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Continuing to establish a healthy and supportive relationship between yourself, our team, and those in recovery
  • Helping friends through their times of struggle
  • Connecting with people who have already gone through the same challenges
  • Developing skills to prevent relapse

Our alumni program offers an engaging and supportive environment for those at all levels of recovery.

Family Programs

Family members are often innocent bystanders, watching their loved one suffer from addiction. Sadly, it can have devastating effects on the family unit. Fortunately, our family programs offer continuous support and healing for you if you have a loved one in recovery. Our programs are two-fold, providing education about addiction while also helping you rebuild the relationship that was damaged by addiction.

While in our family programs, we often recommend engaging in family therapy. Family therapy is a safe place to come to terms with the pain that your loved one’s addiction has caused you and the rest of the family unit. At the same time, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively and address conflict in a safe and healthy way. The long-term support that our family programs offer can be helpful as your loved one begins the next step of their recovery journey.

Seek Support at Sandford Behavioral Health

When you seek long-term support with our alumni and family programs in Marne, Michigan, you’ll find a team who is willing and able to help you take the next step. Whether you’re someone who wants to recover from substance abuse or a loved one, we will support you where you are and help you move forward.

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