Residential Detox Treatment

Withdrawal management during residential treatment.

Residential detox treatment provides a safe and comfortable environment for individuals struggling with substance use disorders to begin their recovery. Sanford Behavioral Health provides withdrawal management within its residential treatment facilities. Sanford House at Cherry Street, Sanford House at John Street, and Sanford West SUD provide detoxification during residential treatment. Our residential detox treatment program outside Grand Rapids in Marne, Michigan, includes 24-hour medical monitoring and support to ensure the safest, most comfortable withdrawal process possible.

Sanford Behavioral Health's detox programs provides a structured and supportive environment for individuals to begin their journey toward recovery. Our staff understands that detoxification can be complex, and we provide personalized care to meet each person's unique needs. Our clinical therapists also provide education about post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) in group therapy sessions and our family program. Contact our team at 616.202.3326 to find out all of the services we offer in our residential detox.

Welcome to Sanford Behavioral Health
Welcome to Sanford Behavioral Health

Understanding Residential Detox

Residential detox is for those individuals staying in a residential facility for the duration of their detoxification process. This form of treatment allows for 24-hour medical support and monitoring and access to therapy and other services to address addiction and its underlying causes.

In Residential detox, we focus on non-medical detoxification, management of post-acute withdrawal symptoms, and empowering individuals to succeed in recovery. We assess each person's medical needs before they are admitted to detoxification or withdrawal management for alcohol or other drugs. Our goal is to determine a clinically appropriate placement for everyone in our care.

Why Choose a Residential Detox Program?

There are many benefits to residential detox treatment, including the following:

  • 24-hour medical support and monitoring
  • Access to therapy and other addiction treatment services
  • A structured and supportive environment
  • Reduction of triggers and temptations in daily life
  • A secure space for individuals who may experience severe withdrawal symptoms

If you are struggling with substance use or know someone who is, detox treatment offers the support and structure needed to start recovering. Contact our team at Sanford Behavioral Health to learn more about our residential detox program in Marne, Michigan.

What Is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)?

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Soothing colors and comfortable beds

PAWS refers to symptoms similar to those found in mood disorders and anxiety disorders, including mood swings, trouble sleeping, and increased anxiety levels. PAWS can persist for weeks or months after abstinence from alcohol or other drugs. Symptoms include:

  • Irritability
  • Lack of memory recall or problem-solving ability
  • Anxiety or panic
  • Depression
  • Cravings
  • Sensitivity to stress
  • Insomnia

At Sanford Behavioral Health, we educate patients in residential detox and our family program about PAWS and how to manage these symptoms during recovery. We also offer therapy services that address the underlying causes of addiction and equip individuals with coping skills for managing PAWS.

Why Choose Sanford Behavioral Health for Residential Detox?

Sanford Behavioral Health provides comprehensive and personalized addiction treatment, including residential detox. Our experienced staff understands the withdrawal challenges and works with individuals to create a secure and comfortable experience.

Our Residential Team

We take pride in providing sophisticated residential treatment programs. Our programs employ various medical and clinical professionals who can customize their treatments to each patient. In residential addiction treatment, staff members are on-site 24/7. The assigned providers are knowledgeable about the physical signs of withdrawal. In addition, they are experienced in taking and reviewing vital signs and emergency procedures.

Our competent and trained service providers work with physicians to approve protocols for observation and supervision. They also help determine the appropriate level of care and facilitate a patient's transition to continuing care. In addition, staff members are knowledgeable about facility-required education, evidence-based practices, training, safety, and policies.

Restorative and Safe Surroundings

Sanford Behavioral Health provides a safe, welcoming, culturally, and age-appropriate environment for withdrawal management services within their gender-specific addiction treatment facilities. Although clinical modalities are the main focus at this level of treatment, we address the whole person and their needs. In addition, the withdrawal management environment within our historic homes and the Sanford West campus provides comfortable beds, delicious food, and healing surroundings.

A licensed physician is always available to answer any of your questions. Further, our treatment center has a comprehensive plan for emergency procedures approved by a licensed physician.

Receive Continuum of Care with Sanford Behavioral Health

At Sanford Behavioral Health, all our programs are entry points to the recovery continuum of care. When our patients are comfortable within the organization, it makes for a smooth transition from one level of treatment to the next.

Successful treatment of substance use disorders requires evaluation and adjustments. Therefore, we aim to place each individual in the most clinically appropriate and least restrictive level of care. In addition, we recognize the importance of a long-term continuum of treatment programs, classes, and resources. Because of this, we work directly with our patients to transition them into a safe, long-term environment after residential treatment. Contact us at 616.202.3326 to learn more about our detox treatment programs and what might be the proper care for your recovery.

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