How to Navigate Your Eating Disorder at Family Gatherings with Dr. Anna Flores

family gathering for holiday meal

There are a lot of feelings whenever families gather.


Family gatherings can be challenging to those in eating disorder recovery. Especially during the holidays. Today on the Anatomy of Addiction podcast, we interview Dr. Anna Flores. Dr. Flores is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition on staff at Sanford Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders. She gives us valuable tips on managing eating disorder recovery during the holidays, into the New Year, or whenever families gather.


A challenge for our clients with eating disorders is that family can be a big part of the holidays. They may have strained relationships with their family members, or they have family members that are toxic to their recovery. Or even family members with disordered eating or eating disorders whose relationship with food is not conducive to recovery….there is a lot of pressure and feelings during the holiday season or whenever families gather. Dr. Anna Flores, Sanford Behavioral Health


Eating Disorders and the Family Gathering

In the podcast, we talk about the following:

  • The definition of an eating disorder and eating disorder recovery
  • The concept of being “recovered.”
  • The impact of social media on body awareness
  • Holiday food traditions
  • How to navigate a party or gathering
  • Tips on how to manage a triggering situation
  • Tips for supporting a loved one in recovery


Click the link below for the 36-minute episode. Or find us wherever you get your favorite podcasts.



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