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Dr. Anna Flores, DCN, MSN, CNSc

Clinical Liaison, Eating Disorders Services

Anna Flores is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition specializing in eating disorder treatment. She completed her Master of Science degree in nutrition at the National University of Natural Medicine with her master’s capstone at the Food As Medicine Institute in 2015. She completed her Doctoral degree in Clinical Nutrition at the Maryland University of Integrative Health and her clinical residency with Holistic Performance Method Wellness in London in 2021.

Anna has been doing clinical work with eating disorders since 2016 and has followed the call to this work from coast to coast as well as internationally. Joining the Sanford Behavioral Health team from London, England, Anna is excited to see what the next chapter in Grand Rapids has in store, and to be a part of the solution in addressing the unmet needs of this population in Michigan. Her professional mission is to empower others to cultivate and nourish a positive relationship with food and their body. And to inspire and support her patients on their journey towards genuine, lasting health. Her nutritional philosophy, that food can be medicine and that each body deserves individualized, and personal treatment, guides her progressive approach. Integrating traditional wisdom and the latest evidence-based treatment modalities to provide innovative, recovery-focused, compassionate care.

Dr. Flores says, “My clinical approach is grounded in identifying and addressing root causes, as opposed to only providing a band-aid for symptoms. Entering a healing partnership with me means that you are seen, heard, and supported exactly as you are. And that we will work together in cultivating and nourishing a positive relationship with food.”