Anatomy of Addiction Episode 1: Brain Science (101)

The podcast team (from left) Jenny Selent, Marilyn Spiller, and Rae Green in their free time.


We are inundated with information about the rise in alcohol sales during the pandemic. The opioid epidemic and drug overdose deaths are headline news. Likewise, there is breaking news daily about the co-occurrence of substance use disorders and anxiety.


Brain Science 101

But what exactly is addiction? How do you know if you are at risk? Why do people in active addiction stockpile/hide their substance of use in wacky places like winter boots and frozen turkey carcasses? And how does therapy break through the resistance? We answer these questions and more on our first podcast episode, Brain Science of Addiction (101). 


Who are we? The Anatomy of Addiction Team

Host: Marilyn Spiller, Sanford Director of Marketing, Editor in Chief Excursions

Special Guest: Rae Green, JD, LPC, CAADC, Sanford Founder and President

Special Guest: Jenny Selent, LMFT, Sanford Chief Clinical Officer


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P.S When folks embark on a new (exciting) endeavor there is always room for improvement. In the near future we will be listed on all the podcast directories, and we will have an email address for your comments, constructive criticism, and questions. We are lining up a roster of experts in the field to talk about what inquiring minds want to know!

Stay tuned!


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