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Marilyn Spiller

Director of Marketing, Editor-in-Chief

Marilyn Spiller began her marketing career in New York as Vice President of Marketing for American Legal Systems, a division of Bowne & Co. Since then, as a world traveler, she has taken her marketing skills to San Francisco, London, The Bahamas, and Jacksonville, Florida where for ten years she owned and operated Spiller Vincenty Gallery: contemporary art featuring and advocating local artists. For the past eight years she has directed her talents toward mental health as Marketing Director and Editor-in-Chief of Excursions Magazine for Sanford Behavioral Health. 

Marilyn is a student of the world; she also holds a BS in English from Northern Michigan University. She is a viral writer, recovery coach, and recovery advocate. Marilyn was instrumental in creating and maintaining the Sanford Behavioral Health brand and is notorious for her “red-pen approach” to editing. She is responsible for Sanford’s written and creative content, website design, new media, promotions, subscriber outreach, and SEO. Excursions Magazine is a particular source of pride; it serves a wide range of readers, and “excursion” has become part of the company vernacular, describing Sanford’s signature experiential outings for those in treatment. Marilyn serves as Vice President of the Board for JACK Mental Advocacy, a non-profit created to provide support for those with OCD and related anxiety disorders. 

In her free time, Marilyn loves to travel and be out of doors near water. She is an avid hiker and nature geek.

Marilyn says, “As a person in recovery, I feel like I have come full circle at Sanford. And my role here is really about creating a consistent message with Excursions, our website, social media, and marketing materials. The more prominent the Sanford Behavioral Health name, the easier it is for our patients to find us.”