Intentional Clinician Podcast – Addiction Treatment 2020

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Podcast guests: Founder, Rae Green; Clinical Director, Lynnel Brewster; Director of Marketing, Marilyn Spiller


Thanks to Paul Krauss and The Intentional Clinician podcast  for his in-depth interview. During this episode, Paul got three different perspectives on the impact of the pandemic on addiction treatment and substance use from three  Sanford professionals. The conversation covered anxiety and distancing in recovery, the rise in drug/alcohol use, how Sanford is addressing COVID-19, and the advent of telehealth in the continuum of addiction treatment.

Rae Green, Founder, JD, LPC, CAADC

We’re seeing a surge in demand for services during the pandemic. In addition, we are seeing people who are in a more advanced state of crisis. The disease process is happening in isolation…our admissions phone line has become a hotline of sorts. People calling in for family members, for themselves… Not really knowing where to start, looking for help in a much more desperate fashion than we’ve seen before.


Lynnel Brewster, Clinical Director, RN, LPC, LLMFT, CCTP

We found with telehealth that there are advantages to it. And it is meeting the needs of those who may be ambivalent about their addiction and they are not ready to come into the outpatient or residential facility. Telehealth begins to open up those doors… as they begin to meet in the virtual groups, even through the screen we make connections… and we can orchestrate different levels of care, connect to families in other states, and use telehealth as a support system long term.


Marilyn Spiller, Director of Marketing, Editor in Chief

Ask for help. We’ve been talking about isolation. The disease of addiction is a lonely thing – and so many people who are struggling think they’re the only person who has ever experienced what they experiencing. Asking for help and starting this dialogue is a relief. There are myriad opportunities via telehealth…there is no excuse to be alone and isolated, even during this time.


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