Michigan’s First Standalone Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Center!

  Thank you to, Alana Holland, and WZZM 13 for the informed reporting on Sanford Behavioral Health’s newest facility. Located just 12 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sanford Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders (SCTED) opens its in-patient treatment center in April 2022. At long last, it is the first standalone residential treatment center for […]

Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care – Limelight Interview

  A recovery-oriented system of care (ROSC) is an infrastructure with the resources to address the full range of substance use problems within communities. The ROSC provides a continuum of care, working together with mental health and primary care resources. This includes prevention, early intervention, various treatment programs, continuing care, and long-term recovery.   Recovery-Oriented […]

Humor as Therapy – The Limelight Interview

Addiction treatment has been impacted by the uncertainty and isolation of the past few months. During this time, we learned that group therapy can be conducted, with positive outcomes, via telehealth. And we also learned that glimpses of the lives and living environments of our clients and therapists during virtual treatment creates a new intimacy. […]

The Power of Words in Recovery – The Best of Excursions Magazine

We are all seeking pleasure in our lives. Especially those new to recovery. After a long stretch of misery cloaked in the “reward” of an addictive substance, folks who have quit their drug of choice are looking for the real deal.   Listening to Our Readers… Many of our Excursions articles stand the test of […]

SHOW Me – The Positive Energy of Art Therapy

  I’m always asking my clients to “show me.”   Show me where in the image you are feeling a conflict.   Show me how you would change that.   Of course when I ask someone to show me something, I’m actually asking them to show themselves (very meta). So in an effort to explain […]

Singing the Praises of the Adult Art Therapy Coloring Book

  I am an art therapist. When I tell people about what I do, I get a lot of: “What the heck is that?” “Like on Law & Order?” “Oh, how New Age!” (Answers to those questions later).   Art Therapy… We art therapists are a small community, and our work is often either unseen […]

Eating Disorders – The Mean Girls of Addiction

  After more than two years of sobriety, I still find myself qualifying my addiction. I’ll read someone’s biography and think to myself, “God, at least I didn’t drink my perfume.” As if guzzling the Chanel Number 5 is somehow worse than plucking a dead fly out of a glass of Chardonnay and taking a […]