Trauma and Eating Disorders with Dr. Anna Flores

woman it forest to depict trauma and eating disorders

Mindfulness can simply be noticing, paying attention, and not reacting.


How are trauma and eating disorders related, and how does trauma-informed care integrate into eating disorder treatment? Dr. Anna Flores sat down with Sanford Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders (SCTED) clinical manager Justyne Ortquist to discuss this in a new episode of The Recovery Tea podcast. The 55-minute podcast covers topics such as:


  • The definition of “trauma”
  • The body’s biological response during trauma
  • The role of mindfulness in eating disorder treatment
  • Exposure therapy
  • Co-regulation
  • Relationship rupture and repair
  • The fight, flight, freeze, and fawn trauma response
  • How to manage “map-making” in the brain
  • The clinical therapist as a guide
  • The continuum of care at SCTED


“Trauma-informed care is nervous system-informed care. It addresses how our body and brain are reacting. Trauma-informed care gives us tangible, biological terms and science for understanding what happens when a person has a trauma response. So, it’s destigmatizing. It helps us take some of the judgment and fear out of a situation and understand physiologically what is happening.” Justyne Ortquist, MS, MEd, LPC


The Recovery Tea with Dr. Anna Flores – Trauma and Eating Disorders

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Sanford Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders (SCTED)

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