Sanford Library of Virtual Recovery Resources

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Telehealth is one of the only silver linings of the pandemic.

Sanford Behavioral Health’s use of telehealth to continue providing virtual treatment services and recovery resources receives favorable reviews from many clients, even in the aftermath of the pandemic. Individuals who choose virtual connection express gratitude for the groups and individual services we provide. In addition, our clients say they look forward to telehealth sessions to connect with others and gain emotional support for their recovery.


Virtual treatment or telehealth is one of the only silver linings during the dark cloud of the pandemic. Telehealth allows our patients to adhere to health and other mitigating requirements while continuing to receive treatment and the benefits of connection to the Sanford community. Indeed, our expanded telehealth programs are ongoing for the foreseeable future.


Virtual Recovery Resources

Long before “alone together” became a hashtag, Sanford provided online resources to assist those with difficulty attending in-person meetings. Lists of online resources such as online meetings, apps, podcasts, and other recovery resources have always been a regular part of continuing care planning for clients and their families at Sanford Behavioral Health. This article is designed to share available resources for support and education for persons in recovery.


The Sanford Library of Virtual Recovery Resources

For Substance Use Disorders:

Sanford Behavioral Health Virtual Programs

The same evidence-based programs in the safety and comfort of home. They are incorporating real-time programs for clients, alums, and their families.

Al-Anon Electronic Meetings

Like all Al‑Anon meetings, electronic meetings offer help and hope to anyone affected by alcoholism, primarily for those living with a family member or friend who has a substance use disorder.

Narcotics Anonymous – NA

Narcotics Anonymous members’ forum and recovery chat room feature voice, Skype, and text meetings connecting people to virtual recovery worldwide.

Smart Recovery Community

The message board, chat room, online meetings, and online library support Smart Recovery.

Adult Children of Alcoholics 

Phone and online meetings and workshops.

In The Rooms

Online virtual recovery resources supporting a wide range of 12-step and non-12-step meetings and community activities.

Refuge Recovery Online Meetings 

Listing of daily online meetings – Refuge Recovery is grounded in the belief that Buddhist principles and practices create a strong foundation for a path to freedom from addiction.

Families Anonymous Virtual Meetings

Online meetings for parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, significant others, other family members, and friends of those with a suspected or former drug problem.

Life Ring Virtual Recovery Resources 

Listing of online meetings – an organization of people who share practical experiences and sobriety support.

My Recovery 

Online 12-step meetings – recovery happens in the community.

Sober Grid 

A free APP that connects you with other sober people. Available in mobile APP stores.



We Also Recommend

Excursions – Living Well in Recovery

Sanford’s long-standing online resource for articles on recovery stories, the science of addiction, and more.


Shatterproof is a national nonprofit dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States.

Sober Nation

Sober Nation provides valuable resources for individuals through blogs, articles, videos, and sober stories.

Reach Out Recovery

Provides addiction education, information, and support for healthy living.


National websites provide the latest research and education on mental health and addiction. Also, check out NIDA’s director, Nora Volkow, MD, as she demonstrates how drug addiction is a disease of the human brain.


Recovery Podcasts

Anatomy of Addiction

The Bubble Hour

Busy Living Sober

The Addicted Mind Podcast

ODAAT Chat Podcast

The Sober Guy Podcast

Breaking Free:  Your Recovery, Your Way

A Sober Girl’s Guide

Recovery Happy Hour



Twelve-Step Companion App

Inspirations: Daily Meditations for Persons in Recovery

Sober Time

Sober Tool

Turn-Addiction and Recovery

Twenty-Four Hours a Day



Good, Old-Fashioned Addiction/Recovery Books:

Dr. Flores’s Recommended Reading for 2022 by Dr. Anna Flores, DCN, MSN, CNSc

Broken by William Cope Moyers

The Recovery Book by Al Mooney

First Year Sobriety by Guy Kettelhack

The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath by Leslie Jamison

Clean by David Sheff

Her Best Kept Secret by Gabrielle Glaser

Guts by Kristen Johnston

Running With Sissors by Augusten Burroughs

Lit by Mary Karr

Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp

Addiction and Grace by Gerald G. May

Passages through Recovery by Terrence T. Gorski

Terry: My Daughter’s Life and Death Struggle with Alcoholism by George McGovern

Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man by Bill Clegg

Navigating Grace by Jeff Jay

Blackout: Remembering Things I Drank to Forget by Sarah Hepola

Nothing Good Can Come From This by Kristie Coulter


If you are seeking some good recovery-themed music, check out this extensive list on the William White website:

Recovery-themed music – recommended by William White


Eating Disorders

Recommended Reading – Dr. Flores’s Library

OCD and Related Disorders Resources

Jack Mental Health Advocacy


At Sanford Behavioral Health, we try to stay current, but our resource recommendations are not comprehensive, nor do they substitute for therapy. The online recovery community is a wonderful movement changing how we view addiction, connection, and recovery. Here is hoping this list provides encouragement and help during challenging times and beyond!




Disclaimer: Inclusion or mention of a resource does not imply endorsement by Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers. Sanford provides the information herein “as is” without warranties of any kind. Sanford makes no representations, including without limitation warranties as to the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or fitness for any purpose or any link to information contained on other sites, nor is Sanford liable to the user for any damage whatsoever.  


Christine Walkons, LPC, CAADC, CCS-M, is Sanford Behavioral Health's Clinical Director Emeritus and was instrumental in starting the organization (then Sanford House) in 2015. Christine Walkons has been working in the addiction treatment field for over twenty-five years. She embraces a welcoming approach that eliminates barriers to treatment. Christine serves as a consultant to Sanford and holds a place as one of the founding staff members and long-time Clinical Director, now Emeritus. Christine has a home in Elberta, Michigan, among the scenic dunes of Lake Michigan. At home, she can be found walking on the beach or tending to her many fruit trees, vegetables, and flower gardens.