Sanford Professional’s Day Recap

professional's day crowd

Great Hall in Midland, Michigan, for Sanford Professional’s Day.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sanford Behavioral Health Professional’s Day in Midland, Michigan. With opening words, Alec Green, Sanford’s Managing Director, kicked off the free CEU event organized by Courtney Quick. Afterward, a host of speakers gave presentations on “Integrative Behavioral Health Programs.” Thanks also to our CEU sponsors, My Michigan Health and Harbor Hall.



Professional’s Day Presenters

The Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network provides evidence-based prevention training with the hope of destigmatizing suicide, increasing help-seeking behavior, and caring for those impacted by suicide. Barb Smith says, “Prevention is bringing awareness and education to teach people the tools to recognize when there is a concern and how to respond in a life-saving way.”


professional's day booth

Presenter Barb Smith showed her colors.


Patrick Patterson from Blue Water Recovery and Outreach Center shared his journey from active addiction to recovery. He also spoke about the role of a recovery community organization (RCO) and BWROC’s mission to help those seeking recovery from addiction, allowing the individual to navigate the local systems into treatment, after treatment with employment, housing, life coaching, and ultimately improving self-sufficiency.


Peter Bucci, Executive Director of Harbor Hall, discussed  P.I.E.S., a Person-Centered Integrated Treatment Model. Application for use in private practice, outpatient, residential, and recovery forums. A theoretical and practical framework for use in any construct. The P.I.E.S. model cultivates an intrinsic exploration providing functional and recognizable features for any client. This model is the foundation from which other treatment and therapy models can build.


Peter Buchi presents PIES!


Sanford Behavioral Health‘s Lori Kehoe, and Founder, Rae Green presented a comprehensive analysis of the common characteristics and risk factors central to eating and substance use disorders. They also provided an examination of the differences that exist between the two conditions. The presentation established sufficient awareness of the disorders, allowing screening within the treatment setting to implement appropriate recovery supports. Lori Kehoe is the Director of Sanford Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders.


Rae Green says, “There are many shared risks and characteristics between substance use disorder and eating disorders, and the role of the brain contributes to the complexity of the association between the two disorders. Thus, the importance of integrative, comprehensive, and adaptive treatment.”


professional's day eating disorders

Lori Kehoe and Rae Green, TED TALK style.


Stay Tuned for Upcoming Professional’s Day Events!


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