Alcohol-Free for One Month – Health Benefits

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When the party feeling starts to fizzle, consider an alcohol-free month


We are winding down the 4th of July weekend with parties and firework displays and alcohol in every cooler. For those in recovery, weathering another holiday rife with temptation is par for the course. For those waking with another hangover or who just feel like they’ve over indulged, we’d like to offer a challenge. It’s not too late to join the Dry July fundraiser or to start your own. Taking a month off of alcohol will save you money (you can donate to charity) and will improve your health and your relationship with alcohol. And according to research, the benefits are long-lasting!


Alcohol-Free One Month Benefits

Those who misuse alcohol, or even use alcohol responsibly, have already heard that drinking regularly is a major risk factor for cancer, liver disease, and cardiovascular diseases. But, what about the health benefits of quitting drinking for just one month? Additionally, the long-term relationship with alcohol can be positively impacted by a 31-day moratorium. Attempting to quit drinking for a month is also a good test of whether the “daily dose” or “after work stress reliever” has gotten out of control. If so, it is a check that help or treatment might be needed. At Sanford Behavioral Health we offer a full continuum of care from residential to outpatient treatment. We also offer in-person and telehealth options.


Benefits of Going Alcohol-Free for 31 Days!

  • Proof that you do not need alcohol to have fun, relax, or socialize.
  • A sense of achievement!
  • Learn to drink less.
  • Money saved (additionally, the brain’s pleasure circuits are stimulated by acts of charity if you give it away).
  • An enhanced awareness of drinking habits and a check against habitual use.
  • Better mental health, reduced depression and anxiety.
  • Better quality of sleep.
  • Better appetite, potential for natural loss of weight.
  • No hangovers! And a feeling of better overall health.
  • Higher energy levels.
  • Improved concentration.
  • And finally, better looking skin, hair and eyes.




Based on a study by the University of Sussex, “People who went teetotal for a month also got drunk a lot less frequently later on in the year. Rates of excessive drinking fell from an average of 3.4 times per month at baseline to 2.1 times per month on average.”


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Dry July, August and/or September?

The summer holidays present an opportunity to indulge in alcohol every now and then. And for most, alcohol can be put in its proper place.  A one month hiatus from alcohol is a great way to reassess your relationship with alcohol consumption. It is a win-win situation! If you find it difficult to stop drinking, or if you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, you might need professional help.


Click the link below for a list of indicators of drinking problems you might not have thought of.


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