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women's addiction treatment

Treatment is often the first opportunity for women to establish sober friendships and work on relationship skills.


Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women is a residential treatment facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founders, David and Rae Green, recognized the need for gender specific addiction treatment in 2014. To this end, they restored a historic home in Heritage Hill to serve as their base. And since that time, Sanford House at Cherry Street has become a powerful resource for adult women overcoming mental health and substance use disorders.


Women’s Addiction Treatment

At Sanford, we offer female gendered individuals an intimate, homelike and decidedly non-institutional environment in which to heal. Why? Because recovery begins in a particular place. And a pleasing environment can reduce stress, promote self-care and serve as a vehicle to healing.


This does not mean the treatment is casual. Sanford takes pride in providing a sophisticated clinical program. Programs are founded on evidence-based, therapeutic interventions. Our highly trained, master’s level team of therapists provide various therapeutic modalities that can be tailored to each individual.


The clinical team is complemented by a full medical staff. This includes: MD Addictionologist and Consulting Psychiatrist, Nurse Practitioner, Physicians Assistants, and 24-hour nurse supervision. Our Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines psychosocial behavioral therapy and pharmacotherapy to treat both mental health and substance use disorders.



Why Female Gendered Treatment?

Simply put, women and men develop, experience, and recover from addiction differently. What’s more, women have different reasons for entering treatment, different needs within the treatment continuum, and different goals for recovery.


Also, there is an increasing need for treatment. By every quantitative measure, women are drinking more each year. During the pandemic, heavy drinking among women increased by 41%. 39% of women reported “alcohol related problems”. In fact, women consumers are driving the steady growth in wine sales.



Lastly, women are more at risk physically from drugs and alcohol.

  • Women develop substance use disorders in less time than men.
  • Women blackout more than men.
  • There is a greater prevalence of co-occurring substance use and eating disorders among women.
  • Pound for pound, woman have less water in their bodies. This means, as compared to men, there is a higher alcohol content in their bloodstreams. Even if they drink the same amount.
  • There is a higher incidence of crimes against women when they are intoxicated (and with an intoxicated man).
  • Women are more susceptible to heart disease, liver damage and breast cancer.
  • They have higher risk of infectious diseases.
  • And women have unique issues associated with reproduction and pregnancy.


It’s nice to know there is a safe place for women to go for efficacious help with mental health and substance use disorders. For more information click the link below.




Sanford Behavioral Health is licensed and accredited as an addiction, eating disorder, and co-occurring mental health treatment facility, serving all of Michigan and beyond. Each of Sanford’s facilities in Greater Grand Rapids is carefully and diligently crafted to create a welcoming and comforting environment. Sanford is led by a psychiatrist-led team of medical, clinical, and support personnel providing medication-assisted, evidenced-based treatment to residential, outpatient, and telehealth patients. For more information, visit www.sanfordbehavioralhealth.com.