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David W. Green

Founder & CEO

David Green enjoys building things – businesses and places. Over the years he has been involved in a variety of enterprises, including real estate, automotive, sports and marketing. In addition to practicing law, he directed the development of the Cape Eleuthera Resort in The Bahamas and serves as Chairman and Founding Director of The Island School and Cape Eleuthera Marine Research Institute. He is currently the founder and CEO of Archipelago Equities, a real estate and small business venture firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

David is a lifelong Grand Rapidian. He lives in historic Heritage Hill, after stints in Washington, DC, Africa and The Bahamas. Before discovering Sanford House at Cherry Street by happenstance, David and his wife Rae, had been thinking of opening a women’s addiction treatment center in Grand Rapids. David was drawn to the Civil War-era, Greek Revival architecture of the house. It fit with his concept that an inspirational, “town and country” backdrop, provided the best environment for rebuilding the lives of those in recovery. And when he found the historic Hazeltine mansion on John Street, the idea for another treatment facility, this time for men, was born.

David’s business expertise was instrumental in the renovation and establishment of Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers. He continues to be involved in all aspects of its operations, while looking for more new things to build. David loves cooking, architecture, gardening and exercise. He is often out exploring the city…

David says, “I strive to create unique and comfortable spaces. With Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers, our residents inspire us to be exceptional in everything we do.”