“Rehabbing Rehab” – David Green in the GRBJ Interview

David Green, the Founder and CEO of Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers, is in the news again. Thanks to Grand Rapids Business Journal and  Ehren Wynder for this informed interview in “Inside Track” on rehabbing rehab for substance use disorders.


We feel one of the great contributions we [Sanford] can make to West Michigan is through talking about the disease of addiction … to schools and churches, and we’ve done a lot of that. It doesn’t matter someone’s education level. Generally speaking, they come to us having no idea that addiction has been identified as a disease. They have no idea what treatment looks like.


A fresh and educated perspective on addiction treatment is needed before Michigan pays the long-term cost of excessive substance use.


For the full article on rehabbing rehab:

rehabbing rehab Green and reporter at John Street

David Green and GRBJ reporter Ehren Wynder – in the dining room Sanford at John Street for Men

Inside Track: Fixing rehab

CEO of Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers uses counseling, safer alternatives to treating excessive substance use

February 7, 2020
| By Ehren Wynder |


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rehabbing rehab Sanford houses

Rehabbing Rehab from top left: Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women; at John Street for Men; Sanford Admissions & Outreach Center; and Sanford Outpatient Center

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