Sanford and Roderic Townes are WZZM’s One Good Thing

Roderic Townes, started doing drugs when he was 12 years old. He continued until the age of 43, when he sought treatment and began working a life-long recovery program. Today, Roderic is not only clean and sober… he’s also the House Manager at Sanford House at John Street for Men. In a true full circle, Sanford is an Addiction Treatment Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And Roderick hopes that telling his story can give other people with substance use disorders hope and inspiration.


So do we, Roderic. You and Sanford House Addiction Treatment Center get today’s One Good Thing. 

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One Good Thing: Roderic Townes and Sanford

He wanted to get sober. And Sanford House helped him…


Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers

Sanford House at John Street for Men is specifically for men in recovery. The residential programs at Sanford House at John Street create an atmosphere of camaraderie and trust. Clinicians and medical staff are knowledgeable about addiction. And they tailor treatment to the strengths and individuality of the client. Sanford House at John Street offers its residents privacy, comfort and respect.


Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women treats women with substance use disorders in a residential setting. We are located in a historic home in the heart of West Michigan. Sanford House at Cherry Street offers its residents hope, support and acceptance on their journey towards sobriety. Our clinicians offer specialized care. And follow a program that accentuates each woman’s inherent values and strengths.


Sanford Outpatient Center treats those who are motivated to improve their health and wellness and address substance misuse and substance use disorders. The staff at Sanford understands that people in different stages of the recovery process need different levels of care. And with morning, afternoon and after work programs, our clients continue everyday activities, while integrating effective strategies to manage recovery and day-to-day life. Medication Assisted Treatment available.


Sanford House at John Street for Men – Excellence in addiction treatment

Sanford Behavioral Health is licensed and accredited as an addiction, eating disorder, and co-occurring mental health treatment facility, serving all of Michigan and beyond. Each of Sanford’s facilities in Greater Grand Rapids is carefully and diligently crafted to create a welcoming and comforting environment. Sanford is led by a psychiatrist-led team of medical, clinical, and support personnel providing medication-assisted, evidenced-based treatment to residential, outpatient, and telehealth patients. For more information, visit