a woman holds one hand to her stomach while the other one holds a chicken drumstick and realizes how binge eating affects her body

How Does Binge Eating Affect Your Body?

Binge eating disorder (BED) is a life-threatening disorder characterized by episodes of eating extreme amounts of calories in short periods. It often happens even when you are not hungry. BED can have devastating mental and physical consequences, but a binge eating disorder program can help. People with this eating disorder typically feel like they have […]

7 Binge Eating Disorder Symptoms to Be Aware of

Binge eating disorder is a serious condition, but it’s not always easy to tell that a loved one is in need of a binge eating disorder program. Binge eating often results in high levels of guilt and shame, which may lead a person to conceal the extent of their unhealthy relationship with food. Knowing the […]

a woman patient smiles while sitting in a chair while her therapist writes down binge eating disorder symptoms to help the patient