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Alcohol awareness month is an opportunity to increase your knowledge about all things alcohol and alcohol use disorders.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and we have searched Excursions Magazine for interesting articles on alcohol. Over the years, we have interviewed people in recovery from alcohol addiction, posted current stats, and analyzed the reasons alcohol is normalized in social activities. We have opined on hangovers, detox, the joys of sober vacations, 12-step methodology, Superbowl Monday, and even how pets can help or hinder recovery. In honor of Alcohol Awareness Month, we share the Sanford Library of ALL THINGS ALCOHOL for your reading enjoyment.


All Things Alcohol – Trends, Effects & Stats

Is Alcohol Ruining My Marriage?

How do you determine whether your spouse is drinking alcoholically and increasing your chances for divorce, other than counting vodka bottles in the weekly recycling bin [read more]?


Women and Alcohol – the Newest Stats

In a nutshell, women feel the effects of alcohol use more than men [read more].


The Effects of Alcohol on the Whole Body

Now that we have listed the bad news about drinking alcohol, here’s the good news. There are many health advantages to quitting drinking [read more].


Binge Drinking and Your Liver

A new study looks at drinking patterns, concluding that not just how much you drink but the way you drink impacts liver disease [read more].

Sanford recommends Rethinking Drinking from the NIAAA – click the pic below!

Damp or Dry Lifestyle? The Trend Toward Sobriety

The sober, curious, or “damp lifestyle” is the choice to be mindful and practice moderation when drinking alcohol [read more].


Ask Rae – College Student with Family History of Alcoholism

Dear Rae, I am starting college this month and have been worrying about whether I am genetically more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol [read more].


Vacations Without Alcohol – Our Favorite Dry Destinations

A summer vacation without alcohol should not be boring or compromising. Indeed, it can be just what the doctor/addiction therapist ordered [read more].


What is a Hangover?

So, why don’t the awful effects of the morning after temper alcohol consumption or cause us to stop drinking altogether [read more]?

Michigan Alcohol Abuse Statistics 

Not surprisingly, 60% of adults in the U.S. say that their alcohol consumption increased during the pandemic. 34% admit binge drinking, and 7% report extreme binge drinking [read more].


Why Does Mommy Need a Nap? Children of Alcoholics Making it All Better.

Addiction touches all members of a household, including the dog. Addicted behaviors impact the children particularly [read more].


Social Drinking, Social Anxiety & the Open Bar

It’s not surprising that folks with a high level of anxiety use alcohol to make themselves feel more comfortable. And it’s almost a prerequisite to drink alcohol at corporate events, weddings, adult birthdays and other milestones [read more].


The Big Game Hangover – Super Bowl Monday

According to a yearly study by the Workforce Institute, nearly 26 million Americans will be late or miss work on Super Bowl Monday this year. Not surprisingly, the top reasons for planned absenteeism are fatigue, nausea, and hangovers [read more].


Reflections on Lasting Recovery – Limelight Interview

“When clients are admitted to treatment, their eyes are lifeless, and they are experiencing various symptoms of detox – chills, shakes, restlessness, and irritability. Afterward, with supportive medication, sleep, and well-needed meals, life returns to their eyes. They start asking questions about the process and what they can do to save their life.” Garrett Dunn, CADC [read more].


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