Women and Alcohol – the Newest Stats

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Since 2016, Sanford Behavioral Health has been writing articles about the health hazards associated with women and alcohol. We have warned women that they can’t “drink like men.” We have also listed the biological reasons why women are more susceptible to the ill effects of alcohol. However, new data from the CDC still show that death from drinking excessively is rising faster among women than among other demographics. According to the CDC, deaths from excessive alcohol use among women rose by 34% during the pandemic compared to a 26% increase among males.


Women and Alcohol

In a nutshell, these are the reasons women are feeling the effects of alcohol use more than men:

  • Women develop substance use disorders in less time than men – it’s called telescoping.
  • They tend to weigh less and eat less than men – higher blood alcohol concentration.
  • Women black out more than men.
  • Pound for pound, women have less water in their bodies, so there’s a higher alcohol content in their bloodstream (even if they drink the same amount as men).
  • Women are more susceptible to heart disease, liver damage, and breast cancer.
  • They have a higher risk of infectious diseases.
  • Women have unique issues associated with reproduction and pregnancy
  • Binge drinking has increased since the pandemic as people use alcohol to cope with stress. This is particularly true of women, who are more likely to drink alcohol because of stress than men.


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