Virtual Programs for Eating Disorders & Mental Health Primary

Accessing the entire team at Sanford Behavioral Health Campus with virtual programs.

Sanford Behavioral Health has offered virtual addiction treatment options since before the pandemic. Virtual treatment or telehealth is designed for those who need help with a mental health condition but have real-life obligations like work, school, or childcare. If in-person treatment is inconvenient or impossible because of a remote location or physical restrictions, virtual options have become a viable alternative. Likewise, our intensive outpatient programs have flexible schedules and meet only three hours per day, three days per week.


Now, Sanford is offering virtual treatment programs for eating disorders and mental health conditions. 


Sanford’s virtual programs bring its full complement of psychiatric and medical providers and clinical staff to in-home care. We offer individualized solutions for long-term recovery and a full continuum of evidence-based programs. Additionally, having a comfortable online environment (perhaps with a pet on your lap) can help quell anxiety, encourage sharing, and lead to positive mental health outcomes.


Virtual Programs for Eating Disorders & Mental Health

When you sign on to Sanford Virtual Programs, you are accessing the team at Sanford Behavioral Health Campus. Our Virtual Programs for Eating Disorders and Mental Health Primary include:

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Personalized treatment and individual therapist
  • Multidisciplinary professionals working together
  • 3 hrs/3 days-per-week
  • Flexible schedules
  • All gender identities
  • Eating disorders 14+
  • Mental health 18+
  • Psychiatrist-led medical team
  • Psychiatrists, physician, doctor of clinical nutrition, psychiatric nurse practitioners, RNs
  • Medical interventions, including SPRAVATO
  • Clinical therapists and registered dietitians
  • Individual & group therapy
  • Free virtual alums and family programs
  • Ease of use and at-home care
  • Real-life recovery
  • In-network with most insurance companies, including VA Community Care


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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, eating disorders, or co-occurring mental health conditions, don’t wait to change your life – click the link below to speak with an admissions specialist.

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