Al-Anon and Family Support in Recovery – Wood TV Interview

wood tv interview with Rae Green to talk about family support for addiction

Family support reduces stigma, sets boundaries, and creates a recovery-friendly home!

Thank you to noon anchor/reporter Emily Linnert, Wood TV 8, for her informed reporting on the role of family in addiction recovery. Sanford Behavioral Health Founder Rae Green, JD, LPC, CAADA, spoke with Emily this week to discuss the value of Al-Anon and family programs in addiction treatment and recovery.


“We started a family program from Sanford Behavioral Health’s inception in 2014 because it is crucial for healing to involve loved ones in the family disease of alcohol use disorder.” Rae Green


Al-Anon and Family Support in Recovery

Al-Anon is a 12-step group program established in 1951 that adopted the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous word-for-word, except for the 12th step, changing the word “alcoholics” to “others.” The “others” program is akin to AA but aids families and friends of those with an alcohol use disorder. Click the link below to listen to the 4-minute interview.


How Al-Anon Supports Families 


Benefits of Family Support Groups

  • Loved ones share experiences with like-minded individuals
  • Reduction of stigma, increase in education and understanding
  • Creation of a recovery-friendly home
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries
  • Learn about mindfulness and self-care
  • Family involvement is crucial for healing the family disease of addiction


For More on Al-Anon, click the link below:

The “Others” Program Al-Anon

Posted on: July 18, 2023


The Sanford Behavioral Health Family Program

The family programs at Sanford Behavioral Health were created to include our patients’ loved ones during treatment and beyond. Family involvement is one of the essential components of a healthy long-term recovery. Because of this, we provide these programs at no charge to our patients’ families.

Family members can be powerful allies in the recovery process. And while a person is in treatment, it is an excellent time to involve family members. During their loved one’s care, family members may begin to recognize behaviors and habits developed while trying to cope with addiction. Family members will also receive support in shifting their focus to areas of their lives that may have become neglected.

Sanford Behavioral Health has developed its family program through telehealth to work with all family members. Our program gives family members the tools and resources to handle the inevitable bumps on the road to recovery. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 616.202.3326 to learn more about our family program and addiction treatment programs.


family on the beach Sanfird Family Program


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