10 Self-Care Tips for Mental Health

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Self-care tips for mental health – connect with others and get outside!

The importance of self-care for mental health cannot be overstated, especially during Mental Health Awareness Month. Taking the time to do things that make you feel good improves your mental health and allows you to enjoy your recovery. If you or a loved one needs help overcoming a mental health disorder, call Sanford Behavioral Health at 616.202.3326 for mental health treatment and to learn self-care tips for your mental health.

How Self-Care Improves Mental Health

Self-care practices can be a great way to experience improved mental health through enjoyable activities. Unfortunately, much mental health treatment is often uncomfortable or inconvenient. Despite their numerous benefits, going to therapy or taking medications daily can be challenging.

But with self-care, you can make real progress in your mental health goals by engaging in activities you enjoy. This joyfulness is how self-care improves mental health and perpetuates a positive upward spiral of recovery.

Self-Care Tips for Mental Health

Self-care isn’t always a practice that comes naturally. But by following these self-care tips for mental health, you can begin incorporating them into your daily life and reaping the rewards.

Schedule Time for Self-Care

Our first tip is to schedule your self-care time. Commit yourself to a rejuvenating practice by putting self-care into your calendar. If you don’t plan your self-care time, it can fall to the wayside when more stressful tasks arise.

Get Moving

Many self-care practices revolve around exercise. There are dozens of options to choose from, including:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Weightlifting
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Fitness classes
  • Cycling
  • Rock climbing
  • Martial arts

Exercise not only aids your mental health but your physical health as well. Working your muscles helps release feel-good chemicals that improve your sense of well-being.


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Prioritize Sleep

Making restful sleep a priority is a self-care practice. Make sure you have time to get as much sleep as you need. Experts recommend seven to nine hours for adults. Give yourself time to wind down before bed as well.

Don’t Forget Nutrition

Eating a balanced diet can have a ripple effect throughout your life. By choosing to pay attention to your nutrition rather than picking the convenient option, you are engaging in self-care and improving your mental health.

Connect with Others

Self-care doesn’t have to be solitary. Get your friends and family involved, and you’ll be more likely to engage in self-care, benefit more from your efforts, and feel less isolated.

Practice Mindfulness

Breathing exercises, meditation, or mindfulness practices are great ways of building self-care in your everyday life. They can improve your focus, clarity, and mental health.

Get Outdoors

Connecting with nature is the leading choice for self-care for many people. Spending time outdoors can reduce your stress and help improve your mood.

Limit Screen Time

Scrolling social media or spending too much time in front of the television can wind up sapping your energy for more meaningful activities. Instead, try limiting your screen time to make room for self-care.

Set Boundaries

Social obligations and work demands often lead people to push self-care aside. Set clear boundaries with others that your self-care time is sacred.

Make Self-Care a Priority

Now that you recognize the importance of self-care for mental health, try to prioritize it. Putting self-care at the bottom of your list is a surefire way to feel your energy drain away.


Improved Mental Health with Treatment at Sanford Behavioral Health

If you’re struggling to find the time for self-care, or your self-care practice isn’t improving your mental health symptoms, contact the experts at Sanford Behavioral Health by calling 616.202.3326. Our comprehensive mental health treatment options can help you start the path to recovery and maintain your progress with sustainable practices.

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