Dieting? A Healthy Approach to Your New Year’s Resolution

Two women talking on television about the eat healthier resolution and dieting

Wood TV 8’s Susan Shaw with Lori Kehoe, SCTED Program Director – talking about dieting and eating disorders.


Thank you to Susan Shaw and Wood TV 8 for including Sanford Behavioral Health in their “New Me in 2023” series. Susan’s conversation with Lori Kehoe, Program Director at Sanford Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders, about dieting the “eat healthier resolution” was perfectly timed. A couple of weeks into the New Year, folks already worry they may have chosen a resolution that was too hard to achieve. Unfortunately, they are in good company; 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail, and most fail by February!


According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey, the top resolutions for 2023 (the third year in a row) are:

  1. Exercise more

  2. Eat healthier

  3. Lose weight – dieting.


A “resolution” is a commitment to change our behavior. But to accomplish any behavioral change in our lives, we must first understand that we are engaging in a process and not achieving a single event or goal. This process involves a series of shifts that have ups and downs. It takes endurance and commitment to begin the process of change. No wonder a restrictive diet fails before it starts! And when another resolution to eat healthier loses steam, feelings of guilt or even shame can trigger an eating disorder. As Susan Shaw says in the video below, “Our relationship with food can be complex.”


“One of the main concerns we look at is the timeline of when an eating disorder began. More often than not, the eating disorder begins with a diet. A resolution to become ‘healthier’ or change your body’s appearance. At Sanford, we promote awareness that all bodies are different, and they are supposed to be different. And wellness includes nourishing the body and moving with joy.” 

Lori Kehoe, MA Program Director Sanford Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders


When the Resolution to Eat Healthier Fails – Think Balance

(3 1/2 minutes)


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