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Self-Care and Support: The Family Recovery Plan

  In a recent article, we looked at the Dynamics Impacting Families in early recovery. In this article, we will look at what these dynamics mean to your recovery plan. We will address the family’s “stages of change” and focus on the “preparation” and “action” stages.    Self-Care and Support Simply stated, we will focus […]

Counselor Self-Care: Protecting the Instruments of Healing

When I was a newly graduated counselor, over thirty years ago, I took my first job in an outpatient alcohol and drug treatment center. I remember my feelings of anxiety upon seeing my first clients. And I wondered, “What treatment modality should I apply?” I also worried, “Are my listening skills adequate and professional?”    […]

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Sanford’s Top Self-Care Picks (Holidays are stressful)

  Sanford House Art Therapist, Jess Kimmel gives us her top picks for finding some peace and quiet this holiday season….   Jess says, “Amidst the chaos of the holiday season, unwind with three of my favorite Sanford House posts about recharging and refocusing…Written when the weather was much less blustery, I hope Paul Silva’s “Getting Self-Esteem,” […]