A Day in the Life of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Have you ever wondered what outpatient addiction treatment is like? Have you or a loved one considered getting help with alcohol or drug misuse but were afraid to call a treatment center because of the unknowns? Perhaps your schedule does not allow for a residential stay. Many options exist for treating drug or alcohol use […]

Avoiding Addiction Treatment – The Back-to-School Excuse

The admissions specialists at Sanford Behavioral Health have heard every excuse in the book for avoiding addiction treatment. A person calls for information about Sanford’s programs, but “for future reference because it is not a convenient time.” During the holidays, there are mandatory work or family get-togethers. School is letting out in spring, or there […]

Intensive Outpatient Programs – Tips for Staying on Track

Outpatient addiction treatment at Sanford Behavioral Health gives individuals the support they need while maintaining daily responsibilities and routines. Sanford West Behavioral Health Campus outpatient center offers individualized addiction recovery programs that work in “real life.” When entering a Sanford program, each person is assessed to determine their appropriate placement; the goal is to select […]