Eating Disorders and the Holiday Feast

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Special holiday meals can be cultural or religious celebrations and often involve extended family or friends.


Expert Guidance on Navigating the Holidays: Forget About the “Clean Plate Club”

Thanks to The Lakeshore West Michigan for their informed interview with Sanford Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorder’s Gail Hall, LMSW, DCSW, CEDS-S. During the holidays, those recovering from an eating disorder may find family meals stressful—likewise, the holiday traditions around food. Gail Hall sits down with Lakeshore’s Shandra Martinez to talk about her insights on how to manage triggers and unhealthy eating behaviors and how to spot signs of an eating disorder.


Topics Covered Are:

  • Psychology of food and holiday traditions
  • Family gatherings and regrets
  • Coping mechanisms for those who fear relapse
  • Long-term plans for healthy habits
  • The signs of an eating disorder


“Eating behavior is not the problem; the psychological regrets are the problem. Consuming food is supposed to be pleasurable, so fill your plate and enjoy the holiday traditions.  At the same time, it is also perfectly acceptable to pass on items because you don’t like them (including your aunt’s famous creamed spinach), say no to additional helpings that Grandma wants you to consume, or save room for dessert. You are the only one who can decide when you are full.” Gail Hall, LMSW, DCSW, CEDS-S


Holiday Feast & Eating Disorder Recovery

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Gail Hall answers your holiday questions.

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