Coping Strategies for Substance Use Surge – WoodTV8 Interview

The facade of Sanford House at John Street for Men


Thank you to WoodTV8 and, Donovan Long, for shining a positive light on substance use treatment during the pandemic. Donovan interviewed Sanford founder, Rae Green, and staff members in recovery, Shelby Kendrick and Ellen Long, in front of one of the Sanford residential facilities this week. Sanford is a residential and outpatient addiction treatment center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Finding your stride with virtual addiction treatment …

The theme of the interview was “coping with surges in drug and alcohol use during COVID-19”. And Sanford representatives, while acknowledging problems with isolation and disruption in routine, talked about coping strategies and “finding their stride”. For those in recovery, telehealth has been the best alternative for community outreach and programming during 2020. But safe in-person treatment is available following strict state and federal regulations and with the wearing of masks.


Donovan Long and Rae Green post interview.

Isolation is really the worst enemy of this disease. Our admissions counselors are seeing desperate pleas for help, a lot of first-time callers. It’s almost become a hotline of sorts.

Rae Green, JD, LPC, CAADC, Founder and President Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers


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Sanford Behavioral Health is licensed and accredited as an addiction, eating disorder, and co-occurring mental health treatment facility, serving all of Michigan and beyond. Each of Sanford’s facilities in Greater Grand Rapids is carefully and diligently crafted to create a welcoming and comforting environment. Sanford is led by a psychiatrist-led team of medical, clinical, and support personnel providing medication-assisted, evidenced-based treatment to residential, outpatient, and telehealth patients. For more information, visit