WGVU Morning Show – How Pets Can Improve Recovery

pets in recovery cuddling a puppy

Pets release the “cuddle hormone” …

Pets in recovery? Clinical Therapist Ali Kitchin, author of the article, Power of Pets in Virtual Addiction Treatment, was interviewed (virtually) by the WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin. In the interview, she talks about why our furry friends can be a tool for lasting sobriety.


The power of pets is consistency. We’re all looking for consistent coping skills, a consistent thing that will help us through our day, and for those who are pet owners or who love pets – pets are always around. They’re available to us – they are grounding. They produce high levels of oxytocin in the brain … Ali Kitchin, MSW


For the complete interview click the photo below:

pets in recovery therapy dog Santino

This guy know the “power of pets”. Sanford therapy dog Santino.


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