Boundaries, New Life, Nutrition Reboot – The Best of Excursions

It’s spring and in Michigan everything is chirping, budding and flowering. It makes you feel alive, awakened after a long sleep …  We’ve been distancing for several weeks, and one of the interesting things that seems to have come from our stay-at-home charge, is determining what is essential.  So, as the world begins to open up, it’s time to set healthy boundaries, assess things anew, and recast nutrition as a priority. Below are three articles (and an invitation) to help you do just that.


Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Family Recovery



Walking Through an Empty House/New Life in Recovery

Many of my clients lament trepidation about starting a new life in recovery. When we make the decision to recover, we’re required to reshape our routines, style of relating, downtime. That’s intimidating. But starting over also brings opportunity. [read more …]


Recovery Nutrition – The Rundown on Not Feeling Run Down

When someone begins treatment for a substance use disorder, “recovery nutrition” is not at the top of their priority list. The importance of nutrition often gets lost in the process. [read more…]


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