Wood TV News – Rae Green on COVID-19 Impact on Addiction

COVID-19 impact on addiction

One of the “gathering rooms” – Sanford Outpatient Center, Grand Rapids, MI


Thank you to, Dana Whyte, and Wood TV 8 for their excellent reporting on the COVID-19 impact on addiction and recovery. Dana and Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers Founder, Rae Green, discuss the new normal for those who rely on social and therapy groups to address addiction and recovery, and how they are managing while staying at home.


COVID-19 Impact on addiction and recovery …

Addiction treatment, outpatient programs and support groups are being conducted via online support sessions during this time. But the impact of the pandemic will have lasting consequences to those in treatment and recovery. Sanford continues to serve its clients while responding to the spread of COVID-19, by implementing and expanding Virtual Addiction Treatment. Virtual treatment allows people in recovery to adhere to the “stay-in-place” and “socially distance” requirements, while continuing to receive SUD treatment and the benefits of connection to the Sanford community.


I think we’re going to see a dramatic rise in relapse – in people who are calling for the first time to get help. Our admissions department is seeing a huge spike. [They are] almost becoming a hotline of sorts – people calling for the first time to ask about treatment. But we’re also going to see a new approach on how we look at battling this isolation.  Rae Green, JD, LPC, CAADC, Founder Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers.


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COVID-19 Impact on Substance Abuse

covid-19 impact on addiction

The large group room – Sanford Outpatient Center, Grand Rapids, MI


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covid-19 impact on addiction

Clockwise from upper left, Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women; Sanford House at John Street for Men; Sanford Outpatient Center; and Sanford Admissions & Outreach Center



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