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We’re not going to lie, spring has sprung here in Michigan, but it’s tough to appreciate when cloistered inside. The challenge is to find the beauty in the season even when it’s not easy to be in the season. Open the windows and listen to birdsong (they are still singing). Go for an early morning run or watch a sunrise or sunset. Dig in the dirt in the backyard. Cuddle, walk and appreciate a pet. And breath


Mindfulness, Eat, Spring, Dogs …

The thing that keeps us going is the consistency of nature, nutrition, and nurture – even when things are so uncertain. Take care of yourselves. Here’s four of our favorites on the basics of staying well and upbeat. The best of Excursions Magazine:



Managing Stress – Slow Down, Take Stock, Make Choices

I am sitting at my desk, typing away, and my head is pounding. The coffee I had this morning didn’t fix it. The gallon of water I am halfway to drinking hasn’t done anything. Maybe I am grinding my teeth at night? Or maybe something else is going on?    My instinct? To push through. [read more …]



Tips to Stay Healthy in the COVID-19 Lock-Down

Healthy Tips from Sanford Chef Mackenzie … When we are stuck at home for a period of time it’s really easy to fall into a routine of not getting out of our pajamas all day, binge-watching our favorite shows, and snacking on whenever and whatever we please. If you are one of those people, you [read more…]



9 Extraordinary Health Benefits of a Michigan Spring

It occurred to me this weekend, that spring has finally sprung. It sneaks up on you when you live in Michigan. Suddenly, there is a fresher feel to the air – birds are tweeting, warbling and chirping as you amble to your car in the morning. And miraculously, the barren trees are sprouting a riot [read more…]



Dogs & Addiction Recovery – Sobriety’s Best Friend?

In the early days of my recovery journey, staying sober was my primary focus and it kept me busy. I had no time for a dog. In order to beat the cravings, I had to fill my time with all sorts of activities. There were meetings and talking with others in recovery to help me [read more…]



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