Family Support Group at Sanford – Making a Connection

family support group Sanford Masonic Temple

Here are the facts about the Sanford Family Support Group:

The group is for family members and friends (F&F) of clients or former clients of Sanford. It does not matter what level of care the family member has been treated in.


Any F&F who has been through our 4-session Family Program or a previous Sanford Family Program is welcome to attend. The 1-hour group is a support group, not therapy. It will be facilitated by Family Program staff and Sanford staff will begin and end the group.


Making Connections in the Family Support Group

The purpose of the Family Support Group is to provide F&F of Sanford continuing help and connection. It is guided by the common experience of loving someone with a substance use disorder (SUD). The group will provide an opportunity for people to share and discuss their challenges and successes in dealing with loved ones with SUDs. Topics to be discussed will be selected by the group on a given evening. And the facilitator will lead the selection process. The facilitator will also clarify the favored theme or topic during the introduction process.


Participants will practice effective communication skills discussed in our psycho-educational program. They will also apply the knowledge from our initial program to their own day-to-day recovery plans. It is hoped that F&F will build part of their long-term support network from attending this group.


The group is not meant to replace 12-step family programs or Smart Recovery programs. Neither is it intended to replace therapy. Individual therapy, family therapy and other support groups are encouraged and discussed. Family Support Group is simply another option for F&F to gain support.


F&F are welcome to attend for a year.  There is no charge for this service.


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F&F will be asked to sign in for a matter of record that the service was obtained. Sign-in is confidential and names will not be shared beyond Sanford statistics. And at sign-in, first names, first initials of last names and family roles will be given.


All participants will receive a Family Support Group Fact Sheet at their first meeting with the group.  This fact sheet informs participants about the purpose and functioning of the group.


We are looking forward to seeing you at Family Support Group!


We can help.



Caroline (Carli) Parmelee-Noffsinger has 20 years clinical experience including: primary therapist and case manager for residential, IOP and outpatient therapy. Carli’s primary role at Sanford House is facilitating the Family Program. She is currently updating and revising the program design and content and hopes to improve upon an already successful approach to family intervention. In her free time, Carli spends time with her horse. She has been a horse lover and owner for most of her life and has facilitated equine therapy sessions. She says, “The back of a horse is good for the inside of a person.” You can reach Carli with questions about The Sanford House Family Program at