Addicted Michigan – the WWMT Channel3 News Interview

addicted michigan interview

Sanford House and Founder/Spokesperson Rae Green are in the news again. This time in response to WWMT Channel 3 News’ series on Addicted Michigan. Click the link or photo below for the newscast and full interview  by Alexis Berdine.


One in 10 Americans are going to become addicted to drugs or alcohol…The feature of addiction is the loss of control. It’s the brain being hijacked into believing that it needs any of the [addictive] substances in order to survive … Rae Green, JD, LPC, CAADC


Addicted Michigan: Behavioral changes signal when use becomes abuse

addicted michigan newcaster


Addicted Michigan …

An addict’s brain undergoes physical and chemical changes…and that is non-discriminatory. Rae Green



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