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The holidays are a wonderful time of year to be with family and friends. The holidays are also a time for emotional triggers, pushed buttons and stress.  It’s common for those in recovery to find the “most wonderful time of the year” to be challenging. So, when you need a lift, the following articles have ideas for winter sober activities and holiday gift ideas for your spirited, but sober loved ones.


Make the holidays fun again!

100 Sober Things to Do to Beat the Winter Blues

By: Marilyn Spiller

sanford feb 2016


There are many wonderful things about living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. But, and there is a but, the winters are long. A lot of the awesome things to do are currently buried beneath a crazy quilt of variations on white: snow, ice, ivory, cream, dirty, pearl, vanilla, ghost, milk, cotton, sugar…. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real.



Sober Cocktails from the Sanford House Kitchen

By: Sanford House



Well sober friends, it’s almost the New Year and we’re in the heart of the holiday festivities. Anybody else getting a little gassy-water logged? When you are newly sober, there is something unnerving about the proffered champagne tray, the well-meaning host asking the dreaded question, “What are you drinking?” This holiday season we [read more]


Great Gifts for the Spirited Sober!

By: Marilyn Spiller



The holidays are the very best time of year to thank those who have helped us, remind loved ones how much we care and reinforce the best qualities in our friends and family. For those who have gotten sober in 2015, congratulations! For those in long term recovery, we salute you! It’s the middle of [read more]



Singing the Praises of the Adult Art Therapy Coloring Book

By: Jess Kimmel



I am an art therapist. When I tell people about what I do, I get a lot of: “What the heck is that?” “Like on Law & Order?” “Oh, how New Age!” (Answers to those questions later). Art Therapy… We art therapists are a small community, and our work is often either unseen [read more]







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