10 Family Therapy Activities for the Summer

a family of three goes on a bike ride on trail in the forest enjoying one of many family therapy activities

At Sanford Behavioral Health, we believe that family therapy is an integral part of addiction recovery. Fortunately, summer is a great time to begin addiction treatment in general and family therapy specifically. There is a wide array of family therapy activities that are suited for the summer at our family therapy and counseling program.

Many of these activities can be used to help foster communication and rebuild the trust that addiction has broken within your family unit. To learn more about family therapy activities for communication, please reach out to Sanford Behavioral Health today by calling 616.202.3326 or using our helpful contact page.

Family Therapy Activities in the Summer

Family therapy, by design, focuses on addressing the issues that are impacting your family unit. We offer a range of therapy activities, including the following:

1. Family Questioning

Family questioning is a simple yet effective therapeutic option. During this activity, you will answer specific questions about yourself. Then, you will guess how your loved ones would answer the same question. This gives you the opportunity to identify with your loved ones and develop a better rapport.

2. Emotion Ball

During emotion ball, you’ll write a variety of emotions on a beach ball. These emotions may include:

  • Loneliness
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Sadness
  • Happiness
  • Fear

You’ll then throw the ball to members of your family. On your turn, you’ll describe a time when you experienced this emotion.

3. Colored Candy

This sweet game includes a package of colored candies. You’ll work with a family therapist to assign a question to each color. Then, on your turn, you’ll provide as many honest answers as you can, corresponding to the candies of that color you have in your hand.

4. The Feelings Walk

The feelings walk is like musical chairs. Each chair will have an emotion-related word attached to it. When the music stops, you’ll share something that relates to the word on your chair. Again, you should try to answer honestly.

5. Mirroring

Mirroring is a simple yet effective game. You’ll stand across from one of your loved ones and perform various actions while they attempt to copy it. This activity can increase your awareness of how each person feels and their gestures.

6. The Genogram

A genogram allows you to map complex emotional relationships with your loved ones. It can be effective in teaching you how your loved one’s emotional patterns work, and they will come to understand yours.

7. The Miracle Question

In this activity, you’ll pretend that a miracle has occurred, allowing each person to change their life for the better. You and your loved ones will describe this change, allowing you to learn more about each other’s hopes and dreams.

8. Stand Up, Sit Down

This game offers a non-confrontational communication method. During this activity, you’ll begin by standing up. Then, you or a loved one will make a statement. If you agree with that statement or it applies to you, you’ll sit down. The pattern will continue, allowing each person to learn more about the others.

9. The Family Gift

This activity requires each person to come up with a gift the others would like to receive. Family members must work together to come to an agreement, allowing the therapist to examine how your family unit functions.

10. The Magic Key

If you have children in your family unit, this may be a good activity. Each person can imagine that they have a key to something that would make them happy, but it can’t be anything you can buy with money. Then, you’ll share this idea with your loved ones.

Learn More About Family Therapy Activities at Sanford Behavioral Health

The list of activities above is by no means comprehensive. To learn more about fun summer activities for the whole family and family therapy games activities available to you and your loved ones, please contact Sanford Behavioral Health today at 616.202.3326.

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