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Lisa Nargi

Director of Finance & Administration

Lisa Nargi earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography with a minor in Business Management, from Western Michigan University. Afterwards, she moved to San Francisco, where she worked for a California based corporate event planning firm, managing large scale conferences for major Silicon Valley software companies. She spent the next 10 years as an “It Girl” at Gap Inc. and Levi Strauss in various positions ranging from buyer, to marketing and account management. Returning to her hometown of Grand Rapids, Lisa served as a retail consultant for various companies, including Meijer, Inc.

After a successful career in retail, Lisa took on another full time position –  the raising of three children. When she decided to get back into the workforce, and interviewed for her position at Sanford House, she had to step over construction debris to meet David Green. As Lisa puts it, she “literally got in on the ground floor” to secure the job. Since then, Lisa has seen wonderful things happen at Sanford and she’s become very good at multi-tasking. She is inspired by the Sanford mission, its positive culture, and gratified to have been a part of the Sanford team from the very beginning…

In her free time, Lisa likes to hang out with her husband Dean and her three children, Ava, Lila and Jackson. She is an avid skier, runner and world traveler.

Lisa says, “I came to Sanford with very little knowledge of the recovery community. Working with Rae and David, and being part of their passion to build a place for women and men to find help, I have developed a deeper appreciation and understanding for addiction treatment. Sanford House offers a positive, happy environment and I look forward to coming to work each day.”