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Joshua R. Holwerda, Mdiv, DP-C

Clinical Manager, Substance Use Disorders

Joshua Holwerda’s journey to Sanford Behavioral Health came through an invitation from Lynnel Brewster (recently retired Clinical Director) to consider being a therapist in the substance use disorder program. Joshua had experience in substance use disorder treatment at a different agency, which sparked his curiosity and fostered a tender heart. He has extensive experience working in residential treatment care and on the business development side of the industry. He had years of experience working in continuing care services and vetting various sober living facilities on the West Coast through business development teams.

Joshua’s job as clinical manager entails supporting the gifted therapist teams in all SUD programs at Sanford. This involves ensuring coverage, ongoing aspects of therapeutic practices, and maintaining standards and practices.  From time to time, Joshua teaches spirituality in residential programming and carries a caseload that continues to foster his heart and compassion toward Sanford clients.  In his free time, Joshua enjoys gardening, listening to music on his patio, cooking, and training for 5K races around Grand Rapids.   

Joshua says, “Serving our SUD population at Sanford enables me to be a conduit of healing for those who have found distress in their lives. It is an honor to come alongside them and journey with them as they embark on the road to recovery!”