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James V. Buzzitta, MD

Advisory Board

James Buzzitta completed his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan, graduating with honors. He is also a graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine. Dr. Buzzitta completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Butterworth Hospital, where he won numerous awards, including the Resident of the Year Award. In 1983, Dr. Buzzitta began building his private practice after he joined a local Internal Medicine group. Then, in 1989, he developed Michigan Medical, P.C. (MMPC), a large physician-owned and governed medical corporation located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he served as chief executive officer. In 2007, Dr. Buzzitta retired from MMPC and
shifted his focus to on Hughes Management, L.C., a private, family-owned real estate development company that had an emphasis on healthcare facilities.

2015 brought an additional evolution to the family office when Dr. Buzzitta began his involvement in private equity and angel investments. In 2018, Hughes Management Group was formed to encapsulate the Buzzitta family’s real estate, private equity, and angel investments. Dr. Buzzitta, who serves as president and chairman of Hughes Management Group, frequently speaks on many healthcare topics including physician integration, healthcare reform, and economics. He also serves on several boards and committees on local, regional and national levels.