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Isolation and Addiction – 3 BIG Reasons Folks With SUDs Isolate

  I have a friend who tells a story about the final days of his isolation and active addiction. He says he was smoking then, and he was not allowed to light up in the house. So, he would take a bottle of Jack Daniels to the unheated garage behind his house, sit on a […]

Do You Really WANT to Change (and Be Sober)?

You have to want to change in order to change.   I could type a million words about why I love being sober, but if you don’t want to stop drinking it will make no difference.   The tools and techniques of change… I could talk until I run out of puff about all the […]


Excursions – Embracing the Challenges and the Triumphs of Recovery

  I am one of those people who likes to experience the thing I am touting. No false advertising here. So when Sanford House set out to launch an online, lifestyle magazine for people in recovery, I did some soul searching – head and foot. We organized several meetings, where Sanford House staff unearthed what recovery […]

The Visual Language of Art Therapy…

  I have the pleasure and privilege of bringing creative expression to Sanford House as the Art Therapist on staff. Sanford House contacted me after I had relocated to Grand Rapids following my master’s training in Milwaukee. At the time, I had been gracefully masterfully desperately attempting to connect with any and every counseling center […]