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Stephanie Bennett, LPC

Clinical Therapist, Eating Disorders

Stephanie Bennett is a licensed professional counselor in Michigan. Originally from the Chicago area, Stephanie moved to Grand Rapids over ten years ago and has learned to embrace this state as her home. Stephanie joined the Sanford CTED team because of her desire to promote eating disorder recovery.

Outside of Sanford, Stephanie has been a part of a private practice in downtown Grand Rapids since 2017. She also partners with local universities to provide mental health care. Prior to her move to private practice, Stephanie worked as a family crisis social worker, providing home-based family intervention, life skills education, and community resource connection. Working with home-based family systems provided Stephanie with specific insight into how mental health issues affect more than just the individual.

Other professional experience includes providing outpatient counseling to families impacted by foster care and adoption and residential care to at-risk youth. The individuals, couples, and families that Stephanie has served and continues to serve are of varying ages, religions, national origins, races, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, and physical and mental capabilities. Stephanie is committed to cultural competence and engagement in her work and life.