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Sarah Bono

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Sarah Bono holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Wayne State University. Before coming to Sanford, she worked for several years at a law firm that specialized in representing those accused of drunk/drugged driving. And most recently served as the Director of Business for a dual diagnosis residential treatment facility. Sarah says that being from a family riddled with addiction, she has gravitated towards working in the treatment field. She loves helping people find recovery and working with families who have addicted loved ones.   

As Sanford Behavioral Health Executive Vice President, her role is never the same day-to-day. Sarah is passionate about working with individuals, families, and professionals to help them navigate the treatment process and find the best option to fit their needs. She also enjoys building relationships, not only with our patients, but with the treatment community and professionals she works with at Sanford.  

 In her free time, Sarah loves to travel and find new adventures, try new restaurants wherever she may be, and spend time with her family.  

Sarah says, “One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Sanford Behavioral Health is being able to inspire hope and  provide support to patients and their families during the most difficult and challenging times in their lives.”