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Kristin Reinink, BA, CADC

Adjunct Counselor

Kristin is a person in long term recovery. She believes her “darker days” have given her additional appreciation for those with substance use disorders. She says, “Recovery has opened my eyes and shifted my perspective on life.” In other words, it makes her a more empathetic therapist.

Kristin has over seventeen years experience working as a mental health and substance use disorder professional. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Social Work from Western Michigan University. And she is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Kristin is also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher.

She has worked as a Youth Suicide Prevention and Intervention Specialist.  And as an Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Case Manager she helped youth prepare for a life of independence. while recovering from past trauma. Also, as one of the first people recruited by founder Rae Green at Sanford, she has held many roles in the past four years. Currently she is a group facilitator at the women’s facility. Her groups include: aftercare planning, Hatha Yoga for beginners, breaking the cycle of addiction, gratitude and mindfulness and recovery resources.

Kristin enjoys spending time with her “free spirited” toddler, Max and husband, Ford. She and her family are avid bikers and nature explorers. Especially along the lake shore. Her recovery experience and life today are impacted by the outdoors. It is where she finds peace, gratitude and serenity.

Kristin often says, “You don’t just get your old life back, you get to create a new and improved life you never knew existed – and that is a beautiful thing.”